Young Harris College

Young Harris, GA

Auditorium Renovation Feasibility Study

In 2008 B&D was selected by Young Harris College to study feasible strategies for renovating its Glenn Auditorium.  The college’s projected expansion from a two- to a four-year institution called for the reconfiguration of gathering spaces to suit future enrollment.  As the college’s largest event space, the auditorium was an essential part of the campus and was used for academic instruction, musical performances, plays, guest speakers, convocations, and other community events.  The study’s goal was to improve the overall user experience by addressing the facility’s functional characteristics, focusing on comfort, aesthetics, and infrastructure. Our analysis of the existing facility included an assessment of the following: the capacity of the orchestra section; the quality and layout of seating; the efficiency of access and egress paths; the size and location of restrooms and pre-function lobby space; the stage and backstage areas; acoustic properties; and the integration of audio/visual equipment. Our study resulted in the creation of various renovation scenarios intended to improve the quality of Glenn Auditorium as an important asset to the college and the greater Young Harris community.