Clemson University

Clemson, SC

Bookstore / Student Housing / Child Care / Commercial / Retail / Hotel Development Study, Master Plan Update, and Program Verification; Student Housing Assessment Update

Clemson had a piece of prime real estate located at one of the campus’s primary entry points, Douthit Hills.  The university wanted to be sure any development there would serve the ‘highest and best use’ of the site and wanted a detailed plan for its use.  B&D was retained for this work and provided a comprehensive analysis of the university’s bookstore, student housing, child care, commercial, retail, and hotel needs. We studied market demands, site capacities and layout, housing demand models, and retail and commercial space demands.  We created budgets and project pro formas and multiple build-out scenarios, conducted peer reviews, competitive analyses to determine the project’s feasibility.  Student housing and a bookstore turned out to be the two major desired uses for the site, and as a result of our further studies and evaluations of those concepts, we presented multiple comprehensive development scenarios for consideration.  We were retained again in 2011 and in 2014 to update our market analysis findings, incorporating organizational, staffing, financial, and space planning models to support Clemson’s long-term future.


Collaborative University Partnerships: Planning for Future Campus Capital Projects in a Challenging Economic EnvironmentPresented by Katie Karp and Ryan Conway at the 2012 ITGA Conference.

Clemson University — Student Affairs Master PlanPresented by Katie Karp at the 2012 SCUP Southern Symposium.