Bucknell University

Lewisburg, PA

Bookstore Development Analysis and Program Management

Serving as the University’s program manager since 2006, B&D has coordinated all development activities including property acquisition, design, programming, funding, RFP management, and contract negotiations.  The initiative included a downtown bookstore, a downtown administrative office area, and an on-campus inn and business center.  In particular, the mixed-use development at the campus edge required relocation of its bookstore into the new retail space.  Our efforts in this project included an analysis of the feasibility and practicality of moving the bookstore, evaluating the store’s concept plans, confirming the financial model and budgets, and reviewing the management company’s proposed contract for store operations.  We also examined the development’s underlying legal and financial frameworks, and ensured the project’s models provided the best use of funding sources.  In June of 2010 the 29,500 SF, $10 million Barnes & Noble bookstore at Bucknell University opened for business.


Sources & Methods of Project FundingPresented by Brad Noyes to the 2013 North Carolina State Building Commission.

To P3, or Not to P3, Understanding the QuestionPresented by Peter Isaac and Sam Jung at the 2012 Academic Impressions Conference.

Lewisburg Core Community Initiatives: Connecting the Borough of Lewisburg & Bucknell University Through Strategic Real Estate DevelopmentPresented by Beth Penfield and Ryan Conway at the 2011 International Town and Gown Association Conference.


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