Florida International University

Miami, FL

Mixed-Use Retail and Foodservice Development Feasibility Study

In 2008 Florida International University realized a need to study the potential of a planned mixed-use facility and Academic Health Sciences complex at its University Park campus.  The university had recently been awarded a medical school and was planning to build significant research, academic, and health facilities, including 880 additional beds of on-campus student housing.  Additional food and retail operations would be needed to serve this growing need, and B&D was asked to perform a feasibility study to address that need.  Our work included interviews, focus groups, a demand analysis, a competitive analysis, a financial model, and preliminary management options.  As a result of this study we recommended a mix of student-oriented dining and retail as part of the project that included housing and academic space.  For the Academic Health Science complex, we recommended a specific mix of retail and dining that would complement the mission of the complex and meet its users’ needs.  In 2010, the university opened its first five new dining venues.