University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV

Recreation Center and Student Union Program Management and Recreation FF&E Coordination

B&D was contracted by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) in 2004 to provide comprehensive program management services for a $90 million campus enhancement project that included a $50 million student recreation center and a $40 million student union.  The recreation center would be placed on the southeast edge of the campus and be an anchor for the plan to further develop the adjacent on-campus student residential zone.  Meanwhile, the new student union would be built in two phases on the site of the existing union and would serve as the “front door” to the neighboring communities. To manage the implementation of these two essential parts of the university’s strategic asset plan, we helped develop a strategy for communication coordination that provided timely review, reaction, and response by all members of the project team.  As a member of the program management partnership, we also provided contract negotiations, financial modeling, budget tracking, schedule management, design review, bidding assistance, CM selection, and equipment selection. We assisted in developing a project implementation strategy, and an analysis of viable options was performed independent of the design to determine the advantages and disadvantages of both the traditional design/bid/build and the design/build strategies.  Based on the criteria established by meetings with university administrators, the design/bid/build process was adopted and the university also decided to contract the services of a construction manager for the design phase, which facilitated the project costing exercises and aided in establishing a guaranteed maximum price for each of the two projects.  We also coordinated the implementation of FF&E for the recreation facility. Phase I of the new $40 million, 150,000 SF student union was completed in 2006, while the new student recreation and wellness center, along with Phase II of the union, opened in 2007.  And in June 2008, the $58 million, 184,000 SF recreation and wellness center project received an Innovative Architecture & Design Award from Recreation Management magazine and an Education Design Showcase "Honorable Mention" from College Planning & Management magazine.


Hitting the Jackpot: How UNLV New Student Life Facilities are Changing the Campus LandscapePresented by Jeff Turner, Anne Kingsley, and Mac Hayes at the 2007 NACAS Conference.

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