Bowling Green State University

Bowling Green, OH

Residence Life Master Plan, Financial Analysis, RFP Development & Selection, and Implementation Support

BGSU had not renovated a residence hall in more than a decade and  found itself lagging behind its peer institutions and dealing with a vacancy of 1,000+ beds.  The university engaged B&D to complete a residence life master plan in 2008, including a market analysis and a financial feasibility implementation plan.  Our approach to this project began with a strategic visioning session, followed by student surveys and focus groups, a competitive peer review, test pricing strategies, phasing scenarios, and overall plan viability.  In addition, our financial model analyzed thoroughly all operating expenses and revenues.  By 2009 the $125 million renovation and construction plan was approved.  The university engaged us again in 2009 to assist with the RFP and procurement process for the development of the private halls and their ownership entity (Centennial Falcon Properties).  In 2010 the university called upon us to collaborate with architecture firm Tsoi / Kobus & Associates on providing implementation support and financial analysis services concerning the development and renovation of university student housing.  Totaling 1,300 beds, Centennial Hall and Falcon Heights opened in 2011. Centennial Hall earned LEED Gold certification in 2012.  The $10.5 million renovation of McDonald Hall was completed in 2013.


Integrated Student Housing Master PlanningPresented by Kim Martin and Julie Skolnicki at the 2012 OACUBO Conference.

A Comprehensive Approach to Housing Master PlanningPresented by Kim Martin and Andrea Depinet at the 2009 ACUHO-I Business Operations Conference.

In the News 

BGSU Residence Hall Upgrade Planned Over the Next 10 YearsIt seems likely that many millions of dollars will be invested over the next 10 years to upgrade and replace residence halls at Bowling Green State University. But before most of those projects begin, the university will complete a Residence Life and Dining Services Master Plan by the middle of the year.