University of Kentucky

Lexington, KY

Theater Preliminary Market Assessment

In 2004 the University of Kentucky retained B&D to perform a programming study for improvements to its student center.  As part of this study, the university was considering the development of a 5,000-seat performing arts theater to support on-campus activities and the Lexington community.  We were asked to provide the university with the information necessary to determine if there were facility voids and sufficient demand to support investigation into the financial feasibility of the theater.  Our scope of work included a theater inventory in the area, a series of interviews with event and concert promoters, an analysis of theaters at other universities, and a student survey on the proposed theater.  We were able to identify a market gap for a theater with 2,000 to 3,000 seats which would provide the community and the university with a resource for Broadway productions, concerts, and other theatrical events. In addition, we noted some concerns, including tepid student support of a theater fee and no indications that the community would attend local and Broadway productions.  Our preliminary research was the first step in determining the feasibility of developing a theater.  To insure the financial feasibility of such a development by the university, we recommended a detailed feasibility study be undertaken including a detailed demographic analysis, a survey of community members, a survey of possible corporate partners, an event calendar analysis, a detailed financial analysis, and a detailed business plan.


Excellence in Construction Award -- Associated Builders and ContractorsYoung Harris College -- Enotah Hall


Key Ingredients of a Business Plan


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